Class Information

Tuition for full-time Students (Due in-full by the 1st day of class)

                                                         Minimal Requirement          Minimal Tuition
                                                         for One Semester                for One Semester
One on One                                    140 Hours                               14000 RMB
One on Two                                    140 sessions                           9800 RMB
One on Three                                 140 sessions                           8400 RMB
Group Classes (4+ Students)        140 sessions                           7000 RMB

Tuition for part-time/short-term Students
(Due in-full by 1st day of class)

ONE ON ONE                   60 minutes/session: 120 Yuan/session
ONE ON TWO                  45 minutes/session: 70 Yuan/session/person
ONE ON THREE               45 minutes/session: 60 Yuan/session/person
Group Classes                45 minutes/session: 50 Yuan/session/person

Student Visas

Students who wish to obtain a student visa through TenWest are required to take a minimum of 140 sessions per semester. There is no minimum requirement for students who do not wish to obtain a visa through the school.

Dependent Visas

TenWest is also able to offer a Dependent Visa to family members of any full-time student. In order to obtain a Dependent Visa for your spouse, please be prepared to provide your marriage certificate, notarized by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. If you wish to obtain a Dependent Visa for your children under 18 years of age, please be prepared to provide your child’s birth certificate, also notarized by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Courses We Offer

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses including vocabulary, grammar, syntax, pinyin, Chinese characters, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Basic business course covering Chinese business practice and etiquette, communication and negotiation skills, business case analysis and business related visits.

Ancient Chinese appreciation course including traditional Chinese vocabulary and character recognition, analysis and appreciation of Chinese poetry, renowned novels and authors.

Specialty course covering all aspects of Chinese culture including history, education, medicine, politics, religion, arts, geography, etiquette, traditions and minority cultures.

Unique course covering Chinese painting, calligraphy, tea culture, martial arts, minority music and dance, handcrafts and cuisine.

To help evaluate the Chinese proficiency levels of non-native Chinese speakers across the world, Hanban created the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) test. The HSK has 6 different test levels, ranging from HSK 1 to HSK 6. The HSK Test Preparation Courses are specifically designed to provide the necessary help for students who want to take any desired level of the HSK tests.

This program is designed to offer an environment which provides total Chinese immersion. The immersion structure enables students to improve their Chinese skills at a heightened pace. TenWest is dedicated to choosing a local Chinese host family, who will provide further support in each students’ development of learning Chinese language, mannerisms, culture, etc. During the daytime, students will have a schedule of classes, where they can study Chinese at the TenWest school location. In the evenings and on weekends, students are welcome to practice their newly learned Chinese, as well as be exposed to Chinese culture, while spending time with their host family. The Chinese Immersion Program can be personally tailored to fit the needs of each individual student. The time enrolled in the program may be as short as a few weeks, or as long as one year. If you are interested in the Chinese Immersion Program, we ask that you please contact TenWest to give as much advance notice as possible. Due to the amount of time that it may take to find an appropriate host family, we ask that your enrollment notice be at least two months prior to your desired arrival date.

TenWest offers a wide range of learning approaches to students wanting to study Chinese. The GPA (Growing Participation Approach) language learning method was developed by the acclaimed American linguist, Thomson Greg. Studies have found that when combined with the TPR (Total Physical Responses) teaching method, the combined technique aids in a more natural absorption of language. While past teaching methods have earned Mandarin a reputation of being a difficult language to learn, this course will prove that with the correct tools and techniques, Mandarin now can more easily be acquired.

This program is designed for students who would like to study Mandarin in Kunming, China specifically during their holidays. For this camp, TenWest offers a personally tailored Mandarin course, as well as an itinerary of various cultural activities and a guided tour that takes participants throughout the beautiful land of China. TenWest is proud to have had the experience of offering this camp for more than four years, for both Summer and Winter sessions. Appropriately referred to as the, “City of Eternal Spring,” Kunming is known for it’s comfortable year-round climate. Visitors will find that this city is a great choice even for winter visitation, and the TenWest camp ensures that your holiday expectations of learning and fun will be exceeded. To make this possible, TenWest is happy to work with schools and organizations, in order to design an unforgettable holiday camp, based on, and tailored to, each client’s specific needs.

Many students prefer the luxury of designing a tailored course to suite their individual needs. In order to meet these needs, TenWest gladly works with each student to personalize a course which satisfies their language learning preferences, schedule and length of study. Additionally, TenWest can even provide at-home classes where your instructor will travel to your residence and host class in the comfort of your own home. Please note that there is a small additional fee for at-home schooling in order to cover transportation costs.

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