TENWEST Mandarin class offerings can be tailored to meet each student’s individual academic and scheduling needs. Prices listed are for 2018 academic year.

Tuition for full-time Students (Due in-full by the 1st day of class)

Minimal requirement
for one semester
tuition for one semester
One on One  140 Hours 14000 RMB
One on Two 140 sessions 9800 RMB
One on Three 140 sessions 8400RMB
Group Classes (4+ Students) 140 sessions 7000 RMB

Tuition for part-time/short-term Students (Due in-full by 1st day of class)

ONE ON ONE                          60 minutes/session: 120 Yuan/session

ONE ON TWO                          45 minutes/sessions: 70 Yuan/session/person

ONE ON THREE                      45 minutes/sessions: 60 Yuan/session/person

Group Classes (4+ Students)   45 minutes/sessions: 50 Yuan/session/person

We count the semester from the first day of school to the 180th day of your study or from the first day you get a student visa from TenWest to the 180th day.



Anyone who wants to apply for a needs-based scholarship (awarded on the case by case basis) and/or work-study opportunity, please contact us at or by the phone call at +86-871-13759190098.