We look forward to helping you begin your chinese language study and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

Office Phone: (+86)871-65747722
Cell phone : (+86)137-59190098

Mail Address:

Linyu Road, North District
Carnival Building A, 8 th floor, No. 805
Kunming, Yunnan
P.R China 650202


If you already live in Kunming, stop by for a visit or come and sit in a class. You can also read more about us, hear from current and past students and check out school photos online at: and


Fill out our application form or set up an appointment to apply in person. The students who need the visa application documents should pay ¥200 RMB(about $25 USD) application fee. as soon as we receive the application forms and fee. we will send out admission letter and the official documents for your Chinese student visa.

TenWest adopts the rolling admission, so you may apply our mandarin study programs at anytime.

The Forms that an Applicant needs

All students who want to study Chinese at TenWest need to fill up Application Form for International Students (Download the PDF format form by clicking the name of the document).

The students who need the student visas need to fill up Student Visa Application Forms (Download the PDF format form by clicking the name of the document).

For the students who want to study no more than 3 months, do not need to apply a student visa. A tourist visa is sufficient for the shore term students, because a tourist visa is valid 3 months in China.