Teachers  Needed ASAP. Kunming and Yuxi, We Have Year-Round-Spring-Like Weather!

     TenWest is looking for 4 NATIVE English teachers:

Bird View of TenWest Neighborhood


  1. Fulltime, kinder in Yuxi City, a Full time defined as, 20 hours a week or less to start.Hourly wage 120.00-150.00/RMB/hr. Est.monthly wage is 12,000.00 RMB based on teaching hours. 5000.00 RMB Contract Renewal Bonus after 1 year. 3 Weeks Spring Festival holiday in February.
  1. Fulltime/Part time in Kunming City with mixed/one-on-one/ middle school classroom, teens, and adults. Est. 5000.00- 6000.00 RMB/Month based on the hourly wage of 100-150.00/RNB/Hour.14 or less/hours week. 3wk Spring/1wk Fall vacation and other national holidays
  2. Airport pick-up, work permits, Paid teaching Visa, Apartment Search Help.

 The first 3 applicants who sign up teaching job contacts for fall 2018 before July 15, 2018. We will pay $1000 USD to cover the airfare to travel to China.  

The costs of living

The rental price for a  2 bedrooms apartment in Yuxi is around 1500 RMB/month. in Kunming is around 2000 RMB/month,  The average cost for food and other live costs are around 2500 RMB/month. So 12000 RMB/month, You will have a very comfortable life in China.

Kunming and Yuxi Yunnan Province have Spring-like weather year-round, High-Speed-Train-Access to all large cities in China, modern, clean and safe Metro/Subway system, low cost of living in Kunming and even lower in Yuxi. They are the perfect base cities for travel plans

in SE Asia. Ultra- safe with an International Airport, inexpensive flights to most SE Asia destinations in 2.5 hours or less i.e. Thailand, Vietnam, Burman Nepal, Cambodia, and Laos. The New Yuxi campus/buildings are modern construction, that exceeds western standards.


Testimonial“…my name is Douglas, I’ am a USA citizen and the current Outreach Programs Director at Tenwest.

I teach and live in Kunming, fantastic weather, modern city, a great school with the mixed international crowd of adult and children learners. The staff helped me transition and translate here, indispensable for a move to China. If you want more details you can speak to me directly.”

Minimum requirements: Native, English speakers with teaching experience, college degree and requires 1-year Commitment.

Please send Scan Copies of College Diploma, Resume, Passport, Teaching Certification. Later a Health Examination, Criminal Background Check will be required for Teaching Visa.

Please specify for which positon you are applying.

Cell: 0086-13759190098

Email: tenwest.km@hotmail.com

Website: www.tenwest.cn

Skype:  anna_yang2002