We will work closely with you to help you design a course of study, arrange a schedule, and determine a class size that will work best to suit your individual needs.


We have a vibrant staff of experienced, personable and patient teachers dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals.


We offer helpful services outside the classroom as well. From student visas and scholarships to airport pick-ups and housing, we will do everything possible to make your transition to life in Kunming a smooth one.


Kunming has all of the benefits of a modern city plus ideal weather, friendly people, clear skies, a laid back lifestyle and a low cost of living making it an appealing option compared to other major cities in China.

Kunming literally means “Spring City” and has beautiful, Spring-like weather year round.

Clear skies and a very low pollution index. Clean and Green Parks.

We have sanitary, modern western-style bathrooms at Tenwest.

Vibrant metropolitan city with an excellent new METRO Subway and bus system.

Living cost for food, room and board are 1/2 the cost of Bejing or Shanghi and 2/3rds less than USA.

The International airport offers a gateway to South East Asia.